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Innovative solutions for many installations!

With 60 years practical experience in materials handling Isenmann are well placed to identify and appreciate the many difficulties that can affect the operation and day to day management of installations.

Working closely with our Customers we are able to share our experience to find innovative solutions to problems as they arise.

Whether it is our Technical Office, or the result of a site collaboration with our Customer’s Engineers, our commitment is to make sure that the solution will represent a cost effective outcome for our customer.

Product benefits

  • Improves profitablity
  • Reduces costs
  • Reduces environmental hazards
  • Automatic level sensors
  • Automatic height adjustment

ISECONE Telescopic Chutes offer:

  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve the working environment
  • Automatic level sensors enables the ISECONE telescopic chute to maintain the optimum position above the stockpile and to adjust that position so as to contain and minimise the risk of dust emission.

Automatic height adjustment

The ISECONE telescopic chute is fitted with an automatic sensor but it can also be operated manually by an Operator in a control cabin using a remote control system.

The chute sensor automatically maintains the correct position above the stockpile significantly reducing the risk of dust emissions. The automatic level sensor reduces the need for manual monitoring and eliminates the risk of the chute,s bottom cone coming into contact with the stockpile. In addition the electric hoists are also equipped with limit switches and an overload protection device to limit their travel and avoid damage to the chute.

Removable carrying collar

The endless straps are fixed to a rigid, lightweight carrying collar which holds the removable conical section in position. The carrying collar is split and can easily be separated from the assembly in order to rotate the conical chute segment if it is worn on one side or to replace it. Being able to re-use the carrying collar means savings on spare parts. As the level of the stockpile rises the telescopic chute retracts, with its conical segments nesting inside each other. When fully retracted each conical segment only adds 100mm. to the overall length of the chute.

Optimised conical chute segment design

The unique modular design allows different materials to be used for each part of the telescopic chute.

The design of the chute segments, made of 18mm thick Polyurethane, is optimised in terms of rigidity, durability and material flow.

The carrying collar can easily be separated and the conical chute segment replaced or turned.

The modular nature of the system reduces downtime and spare parts costs.

Dust control in action

  • Minimises the risk of dust emissions
  • Improves Employee working conditions
  • Improves the surrounding environment
  • Reduces material segregation and contamination
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces maintenance and clean up costs
  • Improves work safety

A more favourable environment and better product quality

Dry bulk material contains dust and fines. Unloading materials onto a stockpile is liable to scatter dust, which is detrimental to both the working environment and the surrounding area.

It leads to material being lost as well as increased maintenance and clean up costs. In addition, material segregation occurs in the stockpile which can reduce the value of the product and even make it unsaleable.

The ISECONE telescopic chute prevents the emission of dust and loss of fillers. The product flow creates a vacuum inside the chute, reducing the need for expensive, high maintenance filtration systems.

The chute is designed for easy maintenance. Together, all these factors contribute to worthwhile savings.

A wide range of uses

The ISECONE telescopic chute will be at home in a large number of applications, including Gravel production, Ore processing, Coal, Coke and fertiliser handling, where its deployment can make operations more efficient.

It is a simple and sturdy design. It is resistant to side winds and offers an excellent ratio between maximum and minimum lengths. The number of conical segments varies according to the height of the stockpile and that of the conveyor.

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