About Us

Tema UK was established in Banbury in 1961 with Isenmann establishing themselves in Blaby, Leicestershire in 1985. In 1990 Tema moved to a 1000 sq metre site at Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire. In 1993 Isenmann merged with Tema; subsequently the Isenmann business was moved from Blaby in 1995 to join Tema on a new larger site.  

Today Tema Isenmann is established on a 2000 sq metre site with manufacturing, warehousing and office facilities.   Our mission is to deliver screening solutions, not a piece of plastic with holes. In other words, we do not merely apply standard design products to non-standard requirements.

We offer a complete line of screening systems designed for efficient, productive separation of materials ranging in size from fine powder to primary scalping all of which are made to your specifications with apertures from 0.1mm to 250mm.  

  • Durable injection moulded or open cast polyurethane modules  
  • Choice of urethane hardness  
  • Widest selection of apertures  
  • Various panel lengths  
  • Reduced noise  
  • Longest service life  
  • Consistent product quality and accuracy of separation  
  • Custom applications are always a welcome challenge  

Tema Isenmann is proud to be part of a worldwide group of companies that includes the following world leaders in the materials screening industry: Steinhaus GmbH; Isenmann Siebe GmbH; Tema Group and Multotec Group.


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