Industrial Products

ISENMANN offer a wide portfolio of ancillary products including protection for screw conveyors, spray pipes, fan sprays and conveyor belt rollers. Additionally, the ISECONE, ISETURN and LineTECH products provide effective and reliable solutions.

Product benefits

  • Minimise abrasion
  • Eliminate corrosion
  • Absorb vibration

A wide variety of applications

ISEPREN are polyurethane resins produced for a variety of a variety of applications in different areas of industry. They minimise abrasion, eliminate corrosion, absorb vibrations or just form parts economically. These parts are fully moulded and can be supplied in various hardness.

  • 60 Shore A
  • 65 Shore A
  • 82 Shore A
  • 90 Shore A
  • 95 Shore A
  • 74 Shore D

Other shore values are also available.

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