ISETURN conveyor belt turning station… An Isenmann know-how solution.

Belt conveyor systems are often used for the transportation of bulk materials over long distances, (for example field conveyors), primarily in mineral processing and related industries.

In the majority of installations it is normal practise that scraper systems are fitted at the conveyor head pulley to remove any particles adhering to the belt surface once the bulk materials have been transferred. These belt cleaners are often extremely expensive, liable to high maintenance costs, and may furthermore damage, or even destroy the conveyor belt if not regularly serviced or maintained. In practice belts scrapers only rarely manage to clean the conveyor belt constantly and completely; this means that a vast expenditure can be incurred with associated labour and cleaning costs for the operator!

Product benefits

  • Virtually eliminates cleaning
  • No damage in the belt turning area
  • Compact design
  • Optimum durability 

The consequence:

Large amounts of material collects in the area of the return rollers underneath the conveyor belt system which has to be removed.

Isenmann has the solution in the ISETURN conveyor belt turning station

With an extremely reliable and hard-wearing polyurethane ISETURN system, the conveyor belt is directly rotated 180 degrees by the ISETURN belt turning station after transportation of the material.

By turning the belt, the underside of the conveyor belt, which never comes into contact with the conveyed material, is turned with the clean surface facing downwards. The belt is then conveyed dirt-free towards a second Iseturn unit at the opposite end of the conveyor.  Cleaning is now a thing of the past!

The dirty surface now runs through the conveyor structure, until just before the tail pulley, the second Iseturn unit carries out the same 180 degree turning so that the belt is in its original orientation to enable conveyed material to be transported once more after the tail drum.

The conveyor run, before and after the belt turn is supported by lower belt rollers which are included in the scope of supply. The lower belt rollers are equipped with durable polyurethane support rings developed by ISENMANN.

Additional polyurethane support discs are mounted on the ends of the lower belt rollers, which provide extra tracking for the belt. The system therefore eliminates any possibility of the belt slipping into the conveyor's steel construction and causing damage to the structure, the belt or the lower belt rollers.

The lower belt rollers are designed for a particularly long lifespan due to the high-quality materials used in the bearings, bearing seals and module components.

The lower belt roller assemblies are installed on the conveyor structure 5 to 6 m down- and upstream of the belt turning station. The complete 180 degree turning of the belt is thus contained within a 10 to 12m area.

Requirements for the economical application of the ISETURN belt turning station:

  • The conveyor belt should have a minimum centre distance of 100 m.


A great deal of time and money can be saved by almost no cleaning being required underneath the belt structure!

  • The belt does not get damaged or destroyed by the ISETURN unit, as this is made exclusively of polyurethane in the belt turning area, with no exposed sharp steel edges.
  • The two layer modular system registered at the patent office; the advantage in this case is that the inner layer with the three-part wear insert can be exchanged at an economical cost. 
  • ISETURN features a compact design which enables simple and universal retrofitting to most standard conveyor belt systems.
  • The unique modular system enables the materials in the ISETURN'S wear inserts to be coordinated to the belt system. The three-part wear inserts are made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane; this material is selected according to the individual customer's conveyor belt characteristics keeping optimum durability in mind.

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