Modular Finger Screen System

ISENMANN modular finger screen system is ideal for hard to screen bulk solids. It is suitable for screening damp and sticky bulk solids and for separating flaky material.

If you have the problem of:

  • Partially clogged screen.
  • Screen opening reduced in size by caking.

Then we have the solution in our modular finger screen adapter system with finger screen modules and adapter beams.

The operating principle:

The screening rods are set into polyurethane mounting blocks and vibrate at their free end according to the characteristics of the screening machine. Due to the differences in the diameters and lengths of the rods and in the loads imposed on them by the bulk material, there are differences in the vibratory motion of the individual fingers, which ensures that the space between the fingers does not clog.

With the finger screening system from ISENMANN an existing circular or linear motion screening machine can easily be retrofitted which will eliminate the screening problems and averting the need to replace a complete screening machine. With the problems resolved a very large open screening surface remains, and it stays free. Low throughput for a given size of screening machine with high costs due to frequent cleaning and downtime are a thing of the past!

The modular screen change system enables a fast screen change without tools. Simply click a finger into place by hand and it's ready to use!

ISENMANN can offer a solution precisely tailored to each screening problem; we select rod diameter, length and angle etc, individually to suit each customer's needs.

The conversion of a screening machine to the new finger screening system can be carried out in several stages. A screen that is not working properly can be converted step by step (after successful testing) to the new finger screening system.

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