Exceptional service life with the Isepren Spray Bar Gaiter

22 November 2015

Designed and patented by Isenmann the special Conical Isepren Spray Bar Gaiter is a flexible sealing component that is attached to the side plate of a screening machine through which a spray pipe is passed. It is used to protect and seal the spray water system in wet applications.


The conical shape tapers in an outward direction and is securely fixed at both ends offering a tight leak-proof seal. Due to the use of polyurethane, it is naturally flexible and will move in tandem with the screening machine vibrations.

The gaiter features exceptional service life with no leak tightness and flexibility. This is possible due to the conical nature of the gaiter returning material and water to the screening area. 

Harder PU material at the connecting flange provides a secure fixing to the machine side plate.
Tema Isenmann can provide numerous different designs in size, diameter, thickness, attachment, as well as hardness which allow the user to adapt the gaiter to the screening machine and spraying system. 

There are many advantages:

  • Deposits material and water on the screen deck, no leakage outside of the screening machine.
  • Reduced wear.
  • High service life.
  • High residual strength. 
  • Snap-in or ‘Jubilee Clip’ bolt fixing system.

Tema Isenmann is a market leader in delivering screening solutions, not a piece of plastic with holes. In other words, we do not merely apply standard design products to non-standard requirements.

We offer a complete line of screening systems designed for efficient, productive separation of materials ranging in size from fine powder to primary scalping all of which are made to your specifications with apertures from 0.1mm to 250mm. 

The right solution is just a phone call away.

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