New screening media from Tema Isenmann

15 July 2008

Tema Isenmann Ltd have recently launched a new type of screening media into the UK market, designated IseflexTM.Although relatively new in the UK, the product has undergone extensive trials in Europe and beyond and has proven to be a great success.

A tensioned polyurethane coated wire system, it is designed to offer users of woven wire all the benefits associated with polyurethane screening media; i.e. extended wear, noise reduction, ease of use, whilst maintaining the open area of wire. Similarly users of tensioned rubber or polyurethane are afforded additional capacity due to the greater open area.

In a recent application in East Anglia, one customer would typically achieve 2 weeks wear from using woven wire which has now increased to 14 weeks with the use of IseflexTM. The same customer had also trialed tensioned polyurethane and rubber, but the loss in open area meant an unwelcome reduction in the production rate.

IseflexTM includes other benefits as it is a more 'user friendly' and safer to handle than woven wire due to its flexibility and weight compared to a comparable similiar size wire cloth. There is also less downtime making it more cost effective than woven wire (in the recent application the customer noted it was 22% cheaper than using woven wire).

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