WS 85 Modular System

ISEPREN WS 85 is the proven industry standard, the most versatile and cost effective modular system. It achieves excellent results with all separation sizes in many applications including: Sand and Gravel, Granite, Quartzite, Silica Sand, Limestone, Coal and Ironworks Materials.

The ISEPREN WS 85 modular panels are manufactured with integral reinforcement bars parallel to the panel width and selected for each individual application to accurately transmit the dynamic forces of the screening machine and support the bed of the material.

When fitting ISEPREN WS 85 modular panels parallel to the flow of the material, it is usual to stagger each row of panels to prevent transport of fines along continuous plain webs.

When it is not possible to stagger the panels, then the flow of material is diverted by deflectors moulded onto the sides of ISEPREN WS 85 modular panels.

For applications involving severe wear - ie: the primary screening of granite or quartz material then the ISEPREN WS 85 modules are manufactured from a combination of high quality polyurethanes with a highly resilient wear resistant surface supported by a high strength structural polyurethane containing the load carrying reinforcement.

For the classification of fine, moist, sticky materials or screen feeds with a high proportion of near size particles, normally prone to pegging and blinding, the ISEPREN WS 85 modules are fitted with thin perforated polyurethane membranes. This membrane is pre-tensioned in each direction and vibrates like a drum skin preventing particles from sticking.

In addition to the main advantages, the ISEPREN WS 85 system can be easily adapted to fit wire cloth for special production purposes. The normal NOCKIN bars are replaced with the ISEPREN WS 83 clamp bar assemblies and suitable wire panels.

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