Woven Wire

Cross mesh is available in four forms:

Cross Mesh - form A.

The feature of this kind of cloth is that the wires are crimped at the crossing points in both directions as well as woven in tension. The material used has a high tensile strength and gives the cloths a high dynamic strength and a long life.     

Cross Mesh - form D.

Here the difference in form to cloth A is that each wire receives an additional crank in front of and behind each crossing point. Producing a strong cloth which retains an exact aperture for a long service life. This form of cloth would be principally used if the ratio between the aperture and the wire diameter is large.     

Cross Mesh - form C.

The feature of this kind of cloth is that both wires are crimped many times and the wires are woven to cross at selected cranks according to the aperture size required.     

Cross Mesh - form E.

The special feature of R-grids is that the wire cranks are only made on to one side in each wire position when compared to the normal screens, so that one side of the finished screen is plain and the other cranked. In general the plain side of the screen is the work side.

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