ISEPREN WS 85 - Tandem Deck installation ensures efficient screening.

4 February 2013

Following the installation of two CDE PROGRADE P2-75, 1.5 x 5.0 metres long, 2- deck dewatering screens for a Scottish Quarry operator, CDE approached Tema Isenmann to supply an effective modular screening system which would resolve production issues.

With a feed rate of 430 tph of 20mm material onto the top deck, the required underflow 1 product was specified at 0-1.5mm. This however would create obvious issues with the bottom deck loading of the screens, because the 1.5mm modules in the first 3 metres of the screen would have inefficiently screened the 20mm material due to the bed depth at the start of the screen. A second issue was also identified in the last 2 metres at 7mm, which would also be an insufficient area to pass the remaining 0-6mm material, due to the carry over.

Utilising the proven industry standard – ISEPREN WS 85 Modular System, Tema Isenmann resolved all the issues with the installation of a WS 85 - Tandem Deck system that would allow the 1.5 x 12.00mm polyurethane modules to screen more efficiently due to lower deck loading. Additionally, a gap in the screen to divert 1.5-5mm material directly to underflow 2 also successfully reduced the loading on the second half of the screen which ensured efficient screening of the 0-6mm product on the second half of the screen.

As the most versatile and cost effective modular system on the market the WS 85 - Tandem Deck arrangement in this installation provided several benefits:

  • Working as a protective deck to increase the service life of the separation deck
  • Working as a relief deck to increase the throughput
  • Working as a separation deck to obtain four products in one pass
  • A better surface drainage (water) of solids
  • Reducing screening costs to a minimum

Based on a proven design concept the benefits of the ISEPREN WS85- Tandem Deck System underline a performance that offers total screening efficiency even under the most difficult conditions. 

Easily fitted to all screening machines the system was installed on-site in the allocated time frame.

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