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8 February 2017

At Hillhead 2016 TEMA Isenmann Ltd showcased their range of screening media solutions including WS85, the company’s most versatile and cost-effective modular system, along with the innovative and compatible WS2.10 attachment system.

QM takes a look at how these advanced screen technologies are providing aggregates producers with enhanced screening, better quality end-products and a wide range of material size fractions and fines

Managing processing plant efficiently, improving on-site safety and reducing operational costs have become key challenges facing the quarrying and aggregates industries. Whether it is reduced maintenance costs, increased machinery uptime or improved fuel economy, every single part of a quarry operation will be closely monitored, as material producers look at cost-efficient ways of managing productivity on site.

With technologies evolving and new processing equipment emerging from time to time, businesses are continually looking at cost-effective solutions that provide safer and more practical and efficient processes.

Part of the German based ISENMANN Siebe GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screen media and ancillary products, TEMA Isenmann Ltd are a UK market leader in the design/distribution/supply of screening systems to the aggregates, mining and steel industries. 

Located in Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire, the company has a long track record in identifying and delivering effective screening solutions (e.g. polyurethane modular panels, wear liners, rubber screens etc.) to existing problems; with a strong focus on giving UK and overseas customers best value for money through optimized productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

Screening success

Developed over 30 years ago, TEMA Isenmann’s industry-proven Isepren WS85 modular screening system continues to be one of the company’s flagship products. The screen panels are made of the highest-quality polyurethanes available and, according to the company, come in a range of shore hardness’s and custom structural designs to meet a wide range of screening applications including: gravel; silica sand; limestone; granite; quartzite; and coal.   

Most of all, the WS85 screen panels meets the requirement for a highly productive screening media that can deliver exceptional material quality under both wet and dry conditions.   

‘We always strive for continuous improvement across our equipment range to ensure that our products are at top end of the market in terms of quality, cost-efficiency and reliability,’ said Philip Cranston, Managing Director of TEMA Isenmann.

‘A key challenge for quarry/mining operators is to be able to deliver the lowest cost-per-tonne production in the safest possible way and our ongoing investment programme demonstrates our strong commitment to supporting customers, developing new products and driving technological innovation.’

Indeed, TEMA Isenmann’s latest products and service offerings – along with their innovations – were showcased at Hillhead 2016, including the company’s ground-breaking WS2.10 polyurethane wear lining and modular screening system.

As demonstrated at the three-day show, the patented WS2.10 wear protection provides a high-quality lining that can be mounted without bolting or adhesive fastening. For the end-user, this allows a safe, simple and quick liner installation; offering maximum equipment protection in both high impact and abrasion wear applications.

Compatible with the WS85 screening system, the WS2.10 system is suitable for vibrating and static screens, trommel screens, sieve bends; cross beam/tube protectors; and chutes.

Thanks to its ease of installation and long wear life, the WS2.10 lining system reduces plant maintenance and labour costs, but more importantly eliminates the safety hazards involved with installing and replacing standard steel, rubber and polyurethane liners that have to be glued, bolted or welded in on screening machines (feed and discharge trays).

‘With quarry companies fully committed to the health and well being of their employees, safety has been, and continues to be, an important priority for us when it comes to designing and developing new products and updating our existing equipment portfolio,’ commented Mr Cranston.  

‘We work very closely with aggregate producers and equipment manufacturers, and what makes us different in the market is the great success working in partnership with our customers to help them optimize equipment uptime, increase their operational efficiencies and improve their overall health and safety performance.’

As well as quarry operators, Darren Bassingthwaighte, Marketing Manager for TEMA Isenmann, believes manufacturers and OEM contractors now have an increasingly important role in designing and adapting innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the mineral products sector.

‘Our vast array of media (including woven wire, self-cleaning harp sieves, rubber and polyurethane) can be retrofitted to screening machines at any time, but if a plant is designed with one of our modular systems from its inception; overall equipment costs are reduced while improving return on investment for the end-user,’ he said. ‘It is against this backdrop that we work closely with our OEM customers to develop new products that ensure aggregate plants operate at maximum efficiency, this in turn drives innovation, keeping TEMA Isenmann at the forefront of screening media technology.’  

Customer care

It comes as no surprise to learn that TEMA Isenmann products – ranging from the WS85 screen media and WS2.10 attachment system to Isegum rubber screens and Iseveno/Iserpal harp sieves – continue to be in demand and are increasingly being specified by many of the leading UK quarry operators and materials processing equipment manufacturers.

However, the company believes aggregate suppliers today want a lot more than just a screening system with proven productivity, reliability and capability. For some time TEMA Isenmann have been focusing more than ever on providing their customers with greater levels of support, and Mr Cranston has put in place a policy to ensure that customer support is the main focus of the company’s activities.

‘Customers are so important to our business and delivering an after-sales and support package that is second to none in the industry is our main objective,’ he commented. ‘We are fully committed to ensuring customers get the most from their screening machines and our tailored support programme provides a suite of services designed to help businesses maintain optimum production levels and plant efficiency.’ 

Mr Bassingthwaighte added: ‘The quality of the TEMA Isenmann brand is, of course, well known and appreciated by all our worldwide customers, but we are also recognized for our custom care offering and commitment to providing a complete service to our customer base.

‘Our customer care package includes essential support services such as parts and spares, warranty, training, preventative maintenance and screen deck inspection – all designed to give our customers piece of mind and the complete reassurance that their investments and machinery assets are protected.’

Growth strategy

TEMA Isenmann have recently invested in expanding their warehouse and storage facilities in Woodford Halse and the additional factory space (200m2) will allow the business to store even more screening systems and other product lines, as part of a ‘off the shelf’ stock service to provide fast turnaround of new orders whenever possible.

According to Mr Cranston, the investment will be instrumental in the company’s long-term growth plans and marks the next step in its strategy to continue as one of the leading screening systems and support provider in the UK, Ireland and European markets.

‘We are very excited to be able to significantly expand our capabilities at our current location and facilitate further growth; strengthening our market position both in the UK and beyond,’ he commented. 

The recent investment shows we are fully committed to remaining a major supplier in the market with unique product offerings, efficient logistics and modern warehousing techniques. The newly expanded factory will provide greater flexibility in terms of lead times and build specifications, as well as increasing our own production and operating efficiencies.’

Looking ahead, the company has every right to be optimistic about its future and both Mr Cranston and Mr Bassingthwaighte are clearly enthusiastic about the opportunities for TEMA Isenmann, as the business looks to capitalize on the recent important sales growth in the quarrying and equipment related sectors.  



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