ISEPREN Tensioned Panels

ISEPREN tensioned polyurethane screens are fitted to all vibrating screens in the same way as woven wire or perforated steel plate and are for all aggregate separation from primary scalping to sand and fine products.

ISEPREN polyurethane screens offer the highest screening efficiency and are the modern cost effective of achieving improved productivity at reduced maintenance cost in aggregate separation under both wet and dry conditions.

  • Longest wear life of any known material
  • High screening efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness guaranteed
  • Fitted conventionally without machine alteration
  • Unique tensioning design ensures proper fit
  • Machine frame protection built into design
  • Environmentally acceptable-reduces noise factor
  • Corrosion proof

In order to design the ISEPREN screen deck for a custom installation, TEMA ISENMANN require the following details:

  • Material to be screened
  • Separation size
  • Feed quantity per hour
  • Sieve analysis
  • Wet or dry (moisture content)
  • Length and width of machine

ISEPREN polyurethane screen can be configured in either side tensioned, double or single crown, flat clamped or end tensioned.
ISEPREN grades of polyurethane available:

  • A type - 90 shore 'A' for standard screening with or without water
  • B type - 92 shore 'A' for structural load bearing
  • C type - 58 shore 'A' for high resilience with superior resistance to laceration
  • D type - 60 shore 'A' a special grade for resilience and high impact absorption

ISEPREN screen panels have an opening suitable for every screening application. For severe wear applications the ISEPRENtensioned screens are manufactured from a combination of special polymers with a high resilient wear resistant surface supported by a high strength structural polyurethane containing the load carrying reinforcement.
Extra fine slot openings are available from slot widths of 0.2mm (0.008") to slot widths of 2.5mm (0.100") with a variety of slot lengths for special conditions and applications.

Square openings are available from 2.75mm (0.108") to 125mm (5") in steps of 0.2mm (0.008"). All major square openings can be manufactured for heavy, normal or light duty.

Slotted openings are available from slot widths of 1.7mm (0.067") to slot widths of 32mm (1.1/4"). The length of slots can vary according to the conditions of application. the configuration of slots is either parallel or alternated in length for width rigidity and integrity.
For the classification of fine, moist sticky materials or screen feeds with a high proportion of near size particles normally prone to pegging and blinding, the ISEPREN tensioned screens are made of a thin perforated polyurethane membrane. This membrane is pre-tensioned in each direction and vibrates like a drum skin preventing particles from sticking.
All ISEPREN tensioned polyurethane screens are engineered for correct fitting, design and are guaranteed to be cost effective against wire cloth in aggregate screening.
Advantages of ISEPREN tensioned screens:

  • ISEPREN screens are blanked out and reinforced over the support bar areas to prevent wear and ensure the fit.
  • The impact area may be blanked out and can be made thicker.
  • ISEPREN screen reinforcement is designed to stretch in order to ensure correct tension and maintain it under load.
  • ISEPREN screens have machined and reinforced edges making a perfect seal between screens.
  • Bolt down holes are cast in place for accurate centre location.
  • ISEPREN screen openings are tapered in design to aid the screening action to optimise efficiency

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